Amber has produced four yoga CDs.

The first three CDs each constitute a complete yoga class, with vocal guidance, ambient music and a full colour brochure depicting each posture. Listening to, and doing the yoga CDs is like having your own personal teacher in the room, right there with you. Each and every breath and movement is vocally guided. The CDs are split into tracks with one posture on each track. The layout is that of a live yoga class with one hour breathing and postures, and a complete fifteen minute vocally guided relaxation.

The first two CDs are well balanced beginner/intermediate classes.

The third CD is a chakra yoga class and has been specially put together to activate the chakras one by one, by taking the energy all the way up the spine to the crown of the head and then back down to the base of the spine, by doing classical yoga postures that active each chakra in turn. While actively doing each posture one is guided to meditate on the sbija sound of the chakra, and to focus on the symbol and element that represents each chakra. As the chakras are named and activated, one by one, the organs relating to each chakra, as well as their subtle qualities are also mentioned. Every chakra resonates with a musical note, and the wonderful Indian-style music has been specially written by Mel Roux to resonate with the chakra that is being activated by a particular posture. The fifteen minute relaxation at the end of the hour long class concentrates on the colour of each chakra as one moves slowly up the spine visualising and balancing each chakra in turn. This is an extremely powerful CD and is not recommended for beginners. It is however an essential tool for all intermediate and advanced yoga practioners.

The fourth CD consists of four separate guided relaxation exercises, including a classical yoga nidra.

These CDs are a fabulous aid to doing yoga at home when you cannot make it to a yoga class. The price of each CD is R100

To order CDs or make enquiries about classes contact Amber on 073 203 7617 or

Intermediate Hatha Yoga Class 1

Intermediate Hatha Yoga Class 2

Hatha Yoga Chakra Class

Guided relaxation and yoga nidra