Colour is a vital part of life and is considered extreme­ly important in yoga as it affects all living things. Colour is light broken down into different wavelengths. An object that absorbs all the light waves, with none reflected back is called black and an object that returns all the light is called white. We see blue when and object absorbs all the colours of the spec­trum except blue, which is reflected back.

Every colour vibrates at a different frequency that creates an experience of warmth or coolness. Red, being the longest wavelength has the slowest rate of vibration. This long wave is called low frequency and creates a warm feeling. Violet has the shortest wavelength (high frequency) and vibrates very quickly. The high frequency of the blue spectrum creates a cooling experience. These different frequencies have a pro­found effect on human beings.

The seven basic colours of the rainbow, the spectrum that we see, is only a small part of what is called the electro-mag­netic spectrum. There are vibrations on either side of the infra red and ultra violet spectrum that are beyond the concept of the human eye. (There are also sounds that are beyond the range of the human ear). So, remember that there are things going on around you of which you are not conscious.

Colour is perceived by the eye but is also absorbed by our skin thus producing the different sensations of heat or cool­ness. Many ancient cultures, the Mayans, Egyptians and American Indians to name but a few, had a deep inner knowl­edge of the effects of colour and used them in healing.

RED gives thermal rays and is a great energiser. It warms arterial blood, promotes circulation and is a nerve stimulant. Red blood corpuscles begin to multiply under red light.

ORANGE is said to be a cheering colour and also stimulates the blood and nerves.

YELLOW is an inspiring colour and stimulates the liver. It increases the flow of bile.

GREEN is soothing and relieves pain. It is also believed to strengthen the eyesight and stimulate the brain.

BLUE is astringent and cooling. It contains actinic rays with produce chemical change and is a more powerful sedative and painkiller than green. The cooling influence of blue can be used to reduce fevers and slow bleeding. It is also useful for burns.

INDIGO is cooling and astringent. It is a mixture of warming red and cooling blue.

VIOLET is a stimulant that is used not so much for physical purposes but more for meditational use.

Yoga is about awareness and mindfulness. Be aware of how you are feeling and how the colours that you choose and wear will affect you for the rest of the day.